Frick!!! Not a very good end to 2007! The hard drive on my trusty old laptop just died on me! Fearing the worst, that means I lost some REALLY important files that I know I should have backed up somewhere! I never learn. Honest to god, I never do! I'm hoping the folks over at C.F King can work their magic and help me extract those files for me. Otherwise I'm gonna look for the shortest pier I can find and take a long walk across it!

Pictures taken recently awaiting or in the middle of processing were still on the drive. FRICK! My CS3 and Lightroom and all their plug-ins. DOUBLE FRICK! My work documents. FRICK! FRICK! FRICK!

*sigh* 2007 has been a really trying year...

Here's hoping and wishing everyone health, wealth and happiness in 2008.


Finding Nemo...


Nothing astounding really. I just bought an SB-26 second hand earlier today from "that place in Bandar" (LOL!) to go along with the Sigma EF500 that was already in my kit. I didn't get a chance to test it out much when I bought it, so I went about taking a few test shots around the house just to make sure everything was in fine working order (as the seller had claimed!). Thankfully everything worked a treat...it even triggered optically! Now all I need is a couple more and I'm set!


Bimbo Loserrr...


An impromptu session done yesterday. Thankfully the model was able to make it to the shoot on short notice. If anyone's wondering why the title of the post is as such, no I'm not being mean but that was what the model referred to me as BECAUSE I had contacted her at the very last minute! Man..not only was I a "bimbo" but a "loser" as well!!! Hahaha! Anyways, this shoot has been in the works for quite a while already but it was only yesterday that I was able to do it. Just another Sunday afternoon =) Muchas gracias again to Souljah for the assist.


Me and my pink bike



When I said 'me', I didn't actually mean 'ME'. This was one of the shots from a session I did for a friend of mine. She wanted some updated pics of her three kids. Kudos to Souljah for the assist. We always seem to work well together for some reason. Maybe its the 'sumit'. Haha!

Initially she just wanted some indoor shots of her kids but we managed to persuade her to take them outside for some outdoor shots "Bruneian Strobist stylee!". Needless to say she was quite happy with the results. The couple of shots that you see here are just a sample of the 100 over shots I took over the course of the session.

All three were a pleasure to work with, especially the youngest. She was such a gem! Quite the natural in front of the camera! =)

On a side note, I definitely need to get my sensor cleaned! Its kinda filthy. I'm spending waaayyy too much time cloning out the dust spots in CS3!