I've had a few emails and messages asking me why I haven't updated the site with anything new for a while now. The reason for this is not because I've been too busy to go out shooting. On the contrary in fact...I've been out shooting alot over the past week or so, I simply have not had anytime to post anything new. 

So you may wonder...if I've been out shooting alot, why not post something? Anything. Well the reason was two-fold here. 

1.  I couldn't post any since they were "clients' pictures" and as such I couldn't post anything until I delivered the pics to them

2. I have migrated over to using WORDPRESS that is hosted on a dedicated server. I've been toying with the idea of using WP for a while now but in the past I didn't have a host. But thanks to Lisadragon for stepping in and hosting me. I thank you deeply =) 

I will now post all new stuff on the new site, J*Squared from now onwards and I hope that you all would kindly update your links to the new site. 

Its still a work in progress as I'm still trying out a few layouts and whatnot..trying to see which ones I like best and work well with the plug-ins I want to use. The use of the plug-ins was one of the main reasons why I wanted to migrate over to using WP in the first place.

All the archives have now been imported to the new site. This one will still be up and running until such time as I deem necessary. I thank you all for your continuing support! =) 



Yummy for my tummy!

le chef table_12

A big thanks to Wena from Sheraton Hotel for the invite. I had the opportunity to attend Sheraton Hotel Brunei's launch of its "Le Chef Table" menu in conjunction with His Majesty's 62nd birthday celebrations. The promotion runs from the 7th of July through to the 7th of August 2008. A team of six chefs from the Sheraton put their creative minds together and came up with exquisite delights to tantalize your taste buds. Featured on the menu are such classics such as the Sheraton Chicken Rice as well as the Sheraton Briani Nasi Campur with an assortment of condiments like acar, papadams and kurma telur and topped with a substantial portion of kambing bakar vindaloo. Steak lovers are also not forgotten as the menu also includes the "Continental Culinary Touch", prime quality black angus steak topped off with grilled scampi brochetts, Cajun fries and a side of fresh crispy salad.

And at the end of the meal, assuming you still have space to spare, you can savor the sinful deliciousness of the Mango mousse, garnished with fresh fruit and a vanilla crispy drizzled with a sauce which I forgot was either strawberry or raspberry.

The rest of the pics can be found here