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Testing out the Sigma 150mm f/2.8 macro lens. Not outstanding technically since I was just experimenting with the lens' sharpness at different apertures. I just love how close this lens can get. And since it's considered a "telephoto" lens, the working distance for full macro shots is very comfortable. Hopefully come Friday I'll be able to give it a full work-out at Tasek Lama with ab.

Being a prime, the sharpness is outstanding even wide-open. Obviously, being a macro, AF is very slow..even with HSM. I wouldn't even consider using this lens for sports...I have the 70-200 already for that! =D


s strobed in the cb


Nothing much really. I was with s at the bean tnite testing out my new Sigma 10-20. hehe..! I just love how much of the scene the lens takes in. Just look at the amount of negative space in the picture. I was 6-8 feet away from him. The image is uncropped.



The rest of the set can be found here.


Happy 1st Year Anniversary, BFF!


Painting with light using a cheap lighter. Starring CPS with Aku and bruneieye as the supporting case =p Hand-held for a few seconds in bulb mode hence the blurry-ness. Taken during the BFF anniversary dinner.


Uncle! Take my picture!


This little cutie was eyeing the SB-26 I had mounted on my monopod. Maybe she was just curious about seeing this crazy man in front of her carrying a huge stick around under the hot sun! Haha! I promptly asked her if she wanted her picture taken...which she kindly obliged in spades!!! =)


You know it...!

How I start my day

I'm starting to get quite addicted to that long red packet.


Boys and their toys

Boys and their toys

This is what its all about. A bunch of friends hanging out over some good food, drinks and photog talk...hehehe. I just love the images from my "new" Sigma 30mm f/1.4. The bokeh that this beauty produces is ohhh sooo niicceee....I was a bit apprehensive about getting the Sigma, having read stories about bad copies front/back focusing. Thankfully I don't have those issues with the copy that I have. Oh..don't mind the Sony cameras. There were Nikons there as well..! =p


Guess what happened next...

Guess what happened next?

A day out at the beach is always a fun experience. The cool see breeze, sounds of the waves crashing against the shore, family and friends enjoying each other's company, bonding with nature...and let us not forget taking some awesome cool pictures. Take these two for example..for them bonding with nature was an "immersing" experience...Hehehe!


Balancing man and nature...


One of the last shots of the day. The light was fading quite fast so I decided to take the opportunity to try out a few shots of strobing the landscape. Inspired by something that I had read on strobist, I wanted to see if I could pull off something similar. Result? Similar? Yes. Spectacular? Hardly. But spectacular was not the goal here since I only had a 2 minute window to pull off the shot. Chimping the power of the strobes up and down to find the "sweet spot" was easy enough especially with souljah there with me. We actually wanted to try "painting" the landscape with light but the flashlites available weren't quite up to the job. Maybe next time...


Golden Sunset


Horrible past few days...been suffering from a nasty bug that literally put me out of commission for a good couple of days. Apparently this naughty bug does get around a bit since quite a few people I know are under the weather as well. So for those of you who are a bit poorly at the moment...hope you all get well soon...