Urban Decay


This was one of the pictures that I rejected for the BFF monthly theme challenge. This month the theme was Urban Decay. It was quite a tough theme this month. wiki defines Urban Decay as "a process by which a city, or a part of a city, falls into a state of disrepair" (read more about it here).

Plenty of the other members on the forum had trouble with the theme as well. It was funny hearing stories of how some were scratching their heads trying to find suitable locations and whatnot. In the end however, everyone submitted some really awesome images. Too many in fact..now the problem is choosing which one to vote for! =)

Can't wait for next month's theme!!


Bavarian Motor Werks


Per BMW tradition, the replacement for the E46 3 Series, dubbed "E90," was introduced a couple of body styles at a time. 2006 saw the arrival of the new sedan and wagon models, while the unchanged but still quite competitive E46 coupes and convertibles (including the M3) continued to be sold as '06 models. The nomenclature became more complicated for this redesign, as E90 technically referred only to the sedan, while the wagon was known as E91 and the forthcoming coupe and convertible were designated E92 and E93, respectively. This was also the first 3 Series to be designed on controversial BMW stylist Chris Bangle's watch.



My my my...this was a nice surprise. I was going through the normal routine of checking the latest posts on the forum and there was a post by SBN on the Simpur page. Imagine my astonishment to see my name mentioned as the featured photog..! hehehehe!!! Does this mean I get a free photobook??? =p


Tungku Beach HDR


I rarely do HDR images anymore considering one of the biggest reasons why I was so attracted to photography was because I remember seeing some really awesome HDR images on the net and thought "I want pictures like that too!!". HDR which stands for "High Dynamic Range" is a branch of digital photography that involves blending together 3 or more images with different exposures to get the full dynamic range of tones from shadows to highlights. My favourite piece of software to use to create HDR images has to be Photomatix from HDRsoft.

You can also use the "Merge to HDR" function found in CS2 and above but its a bit more involved and not as intuitive compared to Photomatix.



Hunting for crabs?

Crab hunting

Apparently this young girl was searching for crabs. Peeking into the bucket next to her..and judging from the expression on her face, I'm sure she was pretty happy with her haul for the day. Too bad she went back into her house soon after. Maybe she was intimidated by the five guys and a "dragon" carrying cameras around their necks :p