Strictly Beautiful Cupcakes


Another set taken from a session done last year for strictlybeautiful with Souljah. A bulk of the pictures were lost from the laptop's hard drive but a few were able to be saved since they were still on the SD card. Thankfully Souljah managed to rescue the session with his pics. :s I believe he has a shot of the set-up on the forum.


Meragang Beach Outing

Meragang Beach 1

Meragang Beach 10Meragang Beach 9Meragang Beach 8Meragang Beach 7Meragang Beach 6Meragang Beach 5Meragang Beach 4Meragang Beach 3Meragang Beach 2

Hello peeps!! It's been a while! But as you know, I had some technical difficulties with my laptop when I got back from KL before the new year. Solution? Get a new system. Hopefully I'll be able to post more of the pictures waiting to be posted very soon. One problem I had with the laptop was the RAM (or rather, the lack of it!). But 8 gigs on the new desktop should make Lightroom and CS3 a breeze to work with now! So for the time being, here are some of the first few pics from it. Click on the smaller thumbnails to go to the flickr page. Laters!