Isn't she adorable??? My new baby cousin..Only a few days old and already she's smiling for the camera... Haha!

Nurul Hazeemah


Sights on the 23rd for the 24th

A small collection of the images taken on an awesome day. The sun was shining, there were photogs everywhere...and camera fodder all around.. The BFF photogs were all out in full force. The most than any other outing before this. It was great to put a face to some of the names and the comrade re between everyone was outstanding to say the least.


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Chinese New Year


View the entire set here

Wishing all my chinese friends and colleagues a very happy and prosperous new year!


Work's been a real b*tch...


Ok so maybe the title's a bit harsh and unfair. Hectic is more appropriate I think. Hectic to the point that by the time I'm done sorting whatever needs to be sorted out, its already lunchtime! Its tiring..Tiring but at the same time quite satisfying.. And with kids like these to contend with...how can you not like coming into work every morning? =)